Change Happens – It’s good to Embrace…

Another month and we are still in Lockdown. Within the District the number of Clubs that are meeting using Zoom, Messenger or Telephone has risen to over 85 clubs.

This technology not only offers us the opportunity to make new friends, but it can also allow us to support our communities and its’ groups. One example is if you have a Zoom Licence for the Club, why not offer it to the local Scout or Guide Group for virtual meetings or have open Coffee Mornings.

We have found some schools do not have a licence, so they could use it for staff meetings, or a class meeting where the students can have some time together; the opportunities are endless.

If you have supported the Youth Competitions and RYLA or have hosted a Global Scholar, why not invite them to your virtual meeting. They can tell you their experiences of the lockdown. We invited our Global Scholar to our Zoom Meeting; the outcome was a group photo and a link with a club in Iowa. We are now planning a joint meeting and who knows how we will work together in the future.

So why not continue with the virtual raids both within the District or overseas allowing us to share new ideas and make new friends. Keeping in touch is a must, it provides support while maintaining our friendship and fellowship.

There is a new conversation…

There is a new conversation, togetherTalks, a weekly series of online conversation events, connecting people from across the globe to a range of leading speakers from the worlds of business, humanitarian interest and more.

The talks take place every Tuesday at 7.05pm and are streamed live on Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland’s YouTube channel. They are targeted at Rotarians and non-Rotarians.

For details on past talks and upcoming talks take a look at: together Talks

Rotary Young Citizen Awards 2020…

Inspirational young people from across Britain and Ireland are being recognised with Rotary Young Citizen Awards 2020

The Rotary Young Citizen Awards celebrate the amazing achievements of inspirational young people, under the age of 25, across Great Britain and Ireland, many of whom have assumed important responsibilities at a very young age.

To view the eight winner take a look at Young Citizen Award 2020

Rotarians think of the Positives…

As life returns to whatever normal becomes normal, we need to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running and are in the best place to support our communities.

So why not start planning your post covid-19 strategy.

Fundraising this year may be down, but the opportunities to work on projects within the community. whether small or large the ideas are endless. Ranging from cutting a neighbour’s lawn, to revamping a village hall.

We need to engage with the volunteers and their community to build on goodwill and continue making a difference.

So far we think of the negatives of the Lockdown like not seeing family , not able to work, to name a few, but there have been positives. Less traffic on the roads, we are all taking more exercise, Neighbours that now know and support each other.

So start planningh listing the positives, continue the good work and to keep safe.

Keep in Touch and stay safe – But keep the communication going…

The situation concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to impact our day to day life and it is great to see Rotarians adapting.

Within the district we now have over 70 clubs meeting using Zoom, Messenger or Telephone. The use of technology allows us to mix things up and try new ideas. So why not complete virtual raids on fellow clubs both within the District or overseas allowing us to share new ideas and make new friends.

While we are on lockdown, many Clubs around the District are involved in supporting the community in many ways’ projects include supporting Food Banks, making PPE and Scrub Bags to name a few. Can I encourage us all to remain open and flexible. Rotary has changed and I cannot imagine it will go back to how it was, so let’s take the opportunity to think about where we want our clubs to be and how we can encourage the many volunteers that have come out into the open to join Rotary.

As life returns to whatever normal becomes normal, we need to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running and are in the best place to support our communities.
For the time being let us keep up the good work and keep safe.


Online Connections lowers the Barriers to Communication.

Face to Face may not be an option, but Rotairians can and are rising to the challenge by using alternatives like Zoom, Messenger, or Telephone.  Rotarinas within the district and beyond are keeping in touch and continue sharing ideas that support there community

It’s great to see Rotarians right across the district and the UK are responding in a positive way. Within the District many Whats App Groups, have been set up covering all the Teams, plus a number of community groups  that allow Rotarians to keep in touch and support each other. Only yesterday we had a coffee morning on Zomm with members in UK, Australia nad South Africa

No Curtains up! – But the show will go on…

The situation concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to escalate here in the UK, many aspects of our day to day life activities, events and meetings have been affected.

As some of you know I am chairman of a local Theatre group. Our next show Curtain UP! has just been put on hold. The Windmill Theatre has been forced to close due to the Coronavirus.

Our aim at this time is to postpone until July, if not next April. All i know is the show will go on. I will update when I hear back from the show licensee.

Can I take this opportunity to thank, Sarah, Maureen and the cast for all the hard work they have put in over the weeks, also all the behind the scene work that has been completed.

These are challenging times for all. So, please continue to support each other, within our community and keep well

Thank you – Your doing a great job…

The situation concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to escalate here in the UK, many aspects of our club’s activities, events and meeting have been temporarily affected.

These are challenging times for all including Rotary Clubs and Rotarians. but it’s great to see how Rotarians right across the district and the UK are responding in a positive way. We are connecting in new ways – Face 2 Face may not be an option , but we are using alternatives like Zoom, Messenger, or Telephone.

So, please continue to support each other, sharing ideas and adapting to the new technology. Can I encourage us all to remain as open and flexible as possible so when life returns to normal, we are in the best place to support our communities.

Keep up the good work and keep well.

Pops BM Ride 50K – In aid of the Eva Rose Trust…

BM Ride 50K (31 Miles)- On Sunday 19th April 2020, Eva’s Mummy, Daddy, Uncle, Pops (thats Me) and Grandad will be taking to their bikes to take part in the 50K ride around Brighton as part of their Marathon Weekend.

We would like to dedicate each mile we do to a loved one who is no longer with us. If you would like to sponsor a mile in memory of someone close to you then please do get in touch. The 19th Mile will be in memory of Eva Rose.

We hope that through our efforts, we can raise awareness of all the Eva Rose Trust stands for and raise a few more pennies. We would be so grateful if you could share our page with everyone you know. Thank you in advance for your continued support.

Eva Rose Trust Team xxx

What is the Eva Rose Trust:
Lou and Tom set up a trust in memory of their daughter, Eva Rose. Their twin girls, Eva Rose and Una Mae were born 12 weeks early at just 28 wks +1 gestation. Tragically, at just 4 1/2 weeks old , Eva developed NEC. After various medication and two surgical procedures, sadly there was little that could be done for Eva and she passed away on 19th March 2017.

Their Mission:
-To provide support to families who are currently experiencing life with a premature baby(ies) in Special Care and families who have experienced losing a baby(ies) due to prematurity and in some cases specifically Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC).
-To work with the NHS and NICU, SCBU and LNC units to ensure there is consistency in practice when diagnosing, treating and preventing NEC and to educate in areas of need.
-To carry out and fund research into NEC, collaborating with other organisations and medical professionals in the aim of eradicating NEC.

Through this, we will raise awareness of Prematurity, NEC and the reality of living through these experiences. We strive to make babyloss no longer a taboo.

The Eva Rose trusts Vision: Research, Educate, Support
Fund research into NEC
Utilise existing research to improve practice
Collaborate with organisations to further the understanding of NEC
Run surveys to improve the understanding of experiences, practice, and support available.

Understand current practice across Hospital Trusts.
Identify inconsistencies in diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.
Identify level of support given to families throughout care.
Identify information provided to families about NEC and timescale.
Provide Education opportunities to NICU, SCBU and LNC units and all staff within.

Identify breadth of support needed.
Tailor support to individual family needs.
Provide families with children living with NEC with information and support.
Provide families who have lost a child(ren) to NEC with support.
Provide information about NEC to existing families on units prior to NEC.

If you would like to support me and the Eva Rose trust please donate ERT BM
Thank you in advance, for your support.

Alan ( Pops)

Rotarians – Stop missing those opportunities….

Rotarians around the Districts constantly moan that it is difficult to find new members. This is no surprise when we are missing easy opportunities that stare us all in the face.

Over the last couple of months I have attended many youth events, such as Young Chef, Youth Speaks – the Debate, to name a few, and what i find is Rotarians are missing opportunities time- and time again.

At these events I speak to the contestants, their families and Teachers. They all praise the events and say how it help the individual’s self esteem confidence and help the grow and what a great job Rotary is doing..

But when ask them do they know about the Rotary Family, they say what family? They have no idea about RotaKids, Interact ot Rotaract. When we invite these individuals to take part we should have a plan on how we bring them into the family. not only the Youth but the Parents and Teachers.

So come on wake up to these opportunities. and plan below is some ideas that you could use.

  1. Service projects in conjunction with schools around our areas of Focus.
  2. Interact club at School working within Syllabus so no extra work for School.
  3. Mentoring for the Schools, Interview practice, helping with Reading, Maths etc
  4. Work with Parents Teacher Association on joint
  5. Open evening for the Teacher and Parents (not a normal Club Meeting).

Finally for next years competition and RYLA think Win-Win. when you sign them up include Community service Hours. That way the see Rotary in Action.