Rotary Connects the World – Influence

The Rotary Representative Network to the United Nations (UN) and other agencies is a prime example of Rotary connecting the world, and its history starts in the 1940s.

Rotary played a critical leadership role in the San Francisco conference that formed the United Nations in 1945. The Rotary Representative Network grew out of this deep and lasting relationship with the UN.

Rotary Representatives at UN Agencies and key international organisations in 15 capital cities around the world including:

United Nations – New York & Geneva.
World Bank & Organization of American States – Washington, D.C.
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization & Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Paris
European Union – Brussels
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – Rome
Commonwealth of Nations – London
Arab League – Cairo
African Union – Addis Ababa
United Nations Environment Programme & United Nations Habitat – Nairobi
United Nations offices in Bangkok, Santiago & Beirut