Canadian High Commission – Refugee Week Documentary

On the 19th June at 7pm, the Canadian High Commission and Bertha DocHouse (London’s documentary-only cinema) will be providing a free screening of “Inside My Heart”. This documentary follows the journey of three refugee families trying to find asylum in Europe over a three year period.

We have also managed to organise an “in-discussion” and Q&A session at the end of the screening with the documentary’s director, Debra Kellner and Rosella Pagliuchi-Lor, the current UNHCR representative to the UK.

The documentary itself should be about 70 minutes, with the Q&A/discussion session lasting about 30 minutes.

The High Commission will also be supplying information at the end of the screening on how people based in the UK can help refugees (this includes information on community sponsorship – although this is a fairly new concept in the UK, it is a large pathway of private refugee sponsorship in Canada and one that I know Rotary and many other community organisations get involved in back in Canada).

If this is of interest to anyone, they can either register for the screening via the Bertha DocHouse website:

Although they simply redirect to Eventbrite, so you can access the page directly at the following link: