Supporting Education -Teaching and learning are powerful drivers to enable better futures…

We believe education is a right, regardless of where you live or how old you are. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and those skills ripple through communities and change people’s lives. Worldwide, 250 million children don’t have basic reading or maths skills.

Rotary projects and activities help to give children access to an education for the very first time. We build schools, we supply books and computers for classrooms and we train teachers. Our work is not just about children. Major problems exist in all age groups, with 17% of the world’s adult population being illiterate. That is 775 million people.

We are dedicated to inspiring and facilitating learning at all ages. with your help Rotary, you can educate and uplift students from across the globe, reduce gender disparity in education and inspire the next generation.

As well as our impact overseas, Rotary leaves a lasting legacy on the lives of young people in Great Britain and Ireland. It is one of our leading commitments to offer young people the platform to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons through education and learning.

Our Youth Competitions, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Technology Tournaments are a challenging and enjoyable way for young people to enrich their Knowledge and broaden there horizons.

As a member of Highdown Rotary we have a great time attending local school working with Year 6 students on their Maths and Litracy ( this also keeps our skill set up to date)

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