Rotary Priority 4 – Increase Our Ability to Adapt- Society Changes and so must we…

As People of Action over the years we have been inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient. We’ve shown throughout our history that we excel at finding new ways to lead the world to lasting change.

We’ve proven in our own careers that we know how to help organizations of every kind move forward. That’s why new approaches to our organising principles should’nt threaten our sense of who we are.

We need to adapt and be ready to seek out fresh opportunities, create more paths to leadership, open up our conversations to diverse voices, and simplify how we operate with confidence. So lets lower the barriers and look at what todays Society want and need.

Our areas of focus are a perfect fit for our comunitys, so let take a look at when we meet how we meet and make sure tere are options that fits with todays society.

Let’s stay true to ourselves and stay ahead of change for the next 115 years.

Rotary Priority 3 – Enhance Participant Engagement- If you dont ask you dont get…

As People of Action we strive to understand the needs of others. Just like the people and communities we serve, our participants need to feel seen and heard. They’re seeking experiences that feel personally and professionally relevant and fulfilling.

People are not mid readers they dont know what we want so if we dont ask we dont get. But when we do ask we see results they see our dedication to investing in them at every stage of their professional life.

This engages with them and they are eager to participants are eager to go the distance with us—even at a time when there are many other options for networking and volunteering.

Let’s recommit to putting the needs, expectations, and growth of our participants at the center of all we do. As Rotarians why dont we set a goal of talking to 5 people week about Rotary. I am sure you will be pleased if you do.

So lets talk and Let Rotary Connect the World…..

115th Birthday for Rotary – 115 year of Great Achievements …

On 23rd Feb 1905, four individuals, each with different backgrounds and vocations met for dinner in the spirit of friendship and fellowship. This led to where we are today an organisation of 1.2 million Rotarians in more than 35,000 clubs covering 6 continents and most of the world’s countries.

February 23, 2020 is the 115th anniversary of the world’s first Rotary meeting. Rotary has accomplished many things in the last 115 years within Rotary’s 6 areas of focus; promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, child and maternal health, education, and local economic development.

So moving forward…. Let’s make sure “Rotary connects the World”

Rotary Priority 2 – Expand Our Reach- by making connections …

As People of Action we emcourage and inspire one another. We know that our capacity to make a difference is larger when more people unite with us. We want the world to appreciate our ambitious, compassionate, and inclusive spirit—because when they do, they see that Rotary is the source for the person-to-person involvement that so many are seeking.

We need to spread the word widely and emphatically, our stories give people hope that the world can change for the better, inviting listeners to imagine themselves as part of that change, too. People like to give back to their Communitys so let’s build connections and opportunities that will allow people who share our drive to do the same. and show that “Rotary connects the World”

Rotary Priority 1 – Increase Our Impact… Talk to your Community

Rotarians are People of Action and are effective problem-solvers.
As Rotarians we achieve so much? How do we do it ? Well We invest in relationships.
We make decisions grounded in evidence. We know how to mobilise our networks to create solutions that last.

We’re always learning from our experiences in projects, clubs, and careers. Throughout the fight to end polio, we’ve shown what we can do and how to draw on our collective strengths. We’ve created solutions that match the people we serve.
We’ve evaluated the results to learn from our successes and setbacks.

This is a model we will use again and again in pursuit of our audacious goals: educating the world’s children, ensuring equitable access to water and sanitation, helping local economies grow sustainably, and so much more.

Let’s seek out new ways to translate our expertise into making a difference—in our communities and across the globe.

Let’s prove that our impact on the world has only just begun. So go out and talk to your Community find out what it needs. Once known then engage the community to get things done.

World Roteract Week – A chance to Grow…

World Rotaract Week, 9th-15th March, commemorates the 1968 chartering of the first club in North Carolina, USA. During the week, Rotaract clubs and sponsor Rotary clubs can work together on a service project. Together they encourage nearby Rotary clubs to sponsor a new Rotaract club. It is also an opportunity to attend each other’s meetings.

Rotarians and Rotaractors serve in countless ways, they focus their efforts in six key areas to maximise our impact. These encompass some of the world’s most critical humanitarian needs and provide an opportunity for Rotary members to transform the world.

  1. Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
  2. Disease prevention and treatment.
  3. Water and sanitation.
  4. Maternal and child health.
  5. Basic education and literacy.
  6. Economic and community development.

So if you dont currently sponsor a Roteract Club now is a great time to start one. Hold an open event. Invite organisation like Scouts Guides, Young Farmers and youth groups.

At the meeting show the Rotary Areas of Focus then look at your community and decide on a project, by working together you will make friends and partners that may lead to a group forming a Rotaract club.

Yet another great example of “Rotary Connects the World”

Our Thoughts are with those affected by the recent Floods..

Our Thoughts are with all that have been impacted by the recent Weather If you would like to support those affected please see below :-

The Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Disaster Recovery Trust’s UK and Ireland Flood Appeal remains open following two recent bouts of heavy rainfall from Storms Ciara and Dennis.

Sunday February 16th saw 594 flood warnings and alerts in force across England, which is more than any other day on record. At the time of publication, more than 300 still remain in place, along with over 60 alerts in Wales and over 20 in Scotland.

In some places, a month’s worth of rainfall hit in just 48 hours, combined with strong winds, causing major damage and travel disruption.

Flooding can have a devastating impact on communities, with the work to get livelihoods back on their feet often taking a significant amount of time after the waters have subsided.

If you would like to support the Disaster Recovery Trust (charity number 1119688), you can:

  • Send a cheque – Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Disaster Recovery Trust, Kinwarton Road, Alcester, B49 6PB
  • Contact the Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland Finance department for bank transfer information

The Gates Foundation and Rotary increase their fundraising in the fight against Polio

Rotary is committed to raising $50 million dollars over the next 3 years, and for every dollar raised, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate and additional $2. This means up to $450 million dollars will be raised to support the global polio eradication effort.

As Rotarians we can help support this by running an Get Moving to End Polio Event

Get Moving to End Polio is a fundraising activity to support Rotary’s Purple4Polio campaign to end polio now and forever. The border between the last two polio-endemic countries, Pakistan and Afghanistan, is ‘more than 1,240 miles’, so we have focused the figure around our latest campaign.

The idea is simple. Host an event incorporating the number 1,240 whilst raising funds to eradicate polio. Below is a few ideas but the opertunities are endless

1240 step Challenge within Schools
1240 Crocus Planting
1240m Fun Run or Walk
1240 Lego Brick Build

Volunteer Expo – Dont miss it…

Volunteer Expo is the new, national event to harness the power of volunteering.

Kicking off in May 2020, Volunteer Expo will connect, educate and inspire volunteers, organisations and charities to change lives and take action in their communities.

The first draft programme is now online (subject to change) and shows the wealth of opportunities available to any visitor coming to this event.

Rotary Expansion – Its a mindset issue…

Whatever the Organisation or Club, there is always a time when you come to a point where your membership outgrows the capacity of the venue.

So when we hit that barrier, we have to make a decision. Option 1- Stay as we are, maintain membership, if someone leaves allow someone to join. Option 2- Look at the changes needed to allow us to expand, be more inclusive to the community.

Both have pros and cons:

Option 1- Stay as we are, as it is easy to continue as we do now, nothing changes. The downside of this is its excludes potential members who want to be part of the organisation, who bring fresh ideas and help to raise the profile of the organisiation.

Option 2- This causes more work as we have to think outside our norm, but it provides so much more, it allows us to connect with the community become open and flexible rather than isolated and stale.

So short term pain provides the opportunity of long term gain. in tems of greater public image , more support for events and projects, and a more dynamic organisation. Are you ready for expansion?

On a personal note I would always pick Option 2, so why not take up the challenge and allow Rotary to connect the World …