The Rotary Pipeline… Let’s Empower future Rotarian’s

Over the last couple of weeks, I have had the honour of attending a couple of 90th Charter Anniversaries. In both cases Rotary has supported the local communities for 90 years. Building relationships while providing service.

While it is great to acknowledge all that has been achieved we must take the opportunity to look at the next 90 years and find ways of continue to be a catalyst in the community while working with partners and organisations.

Rotary is just as relevant for today’s society as when it began. Our six areas of Focus sit high on the priority lists of the individuals and families in our communities.

As Rotarian’s we need to this opportunity to connect with them and grow. We need to build a pipeline of individuals nurturing them in the art of Service above Self.

This starts with Rotakids leads through Interact into Rotaract and ends with Rotary. Paul Harris. said ‘This is a changing world; we must be prepared to change with it. The story of Rotary will have to be written again and again’

Let’s start the next chapter… another great example of Rotary Connects the World.

The Rotary Family – Open to All…

Rotary is a family and as such we are is open to all. Our aim is to build a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change, Rotary values diversity and celebrates the contributions of people of all backgrounds, regardless of their age, ethnicity, race, color, abilities, religion, socioeconomic status, culture, sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity

As Rotarian we aim to cultivate a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture in which people from under represented groups have greater opportunities to participate as members and leaders.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is a priority, it is everyone’s responsibility. We are all unique and bring different experiences and knowledge and as such add value to Rotary.

From my experience the more diverse we are the more understand whats needed, in our world, which allows us to prioritise our service.

The Rotary Venue – Its a relationship thing…

As Rotarian’s we meet and when we do we use a venue. Some Rotarian’s have met in the same venue for years. Ask yourself how often you think about the relationship with the venue?

During my travels i ask venues what they know about Rotary and the Rotarians that they see. The usual response (over 95%) is they are a social, friendly group that meet for breakfast, lunch , dinner. I ask them have they been invited as an organisation to join them for a meeting or join in in an activity the answer is “No”.

A good relationship builds bridges that brings with it, Improved public Image for both parties and Potential Individual or Corporate membership. By building the relationship we can make them aware of true Rotary, the Service we provide to our community. Plus .oint projects are a great opportunity for the venue to Corporate Social Responsibility.

Building a relationship with our venues is critical if we don’t we are missing many opportunities that provide a Win-Win situation. So when you next attend a meeting take 5 minutes to tell your Rotary story to your venue and start building the relationship …

Another great way of Rotary Connects the World

Simple Step to increase the visibility of Rotary…

As Rotarian’s we meet at regular intervals at the same venues, one easy way of increase the visibility of Rotary is to use a couple of pull ups either outside the room you meet or if possible at the entrance of the venue.

By putting the Pull ups outside it allows us to connect to the general public and inspire them to become part of the Rotary Family.

My Rotary – An Underutilised Resource…

As Rotarian’ we have access to resources which enable us to grow as an individual while making it easier to grow Rotary. These knowledge bases can be ordered in various ways which include –

Learn by role
Learn about Rotary club and district roles, as well as their impact on your community. Find resources and tools that support members in these roles. Roles include New member, Trainer, Club roles, President, Treasurer, Secretary

Learn by topic
Learn about Rotary club activities that support strategic goals. Find best practices and resources to ensure your club succeeds. Areas covered include Membership, Fundraising, Projects, Grants, Start a club, Awards, Public relations, Rotaract, Interact

Learning Centre
The learning center, is a wealth of training materials designed to help you learn new skills and become more successful in what you do.

All you need is a my Rotary account which will take you 5 minutes to create. To access My rotary follow link My Rotary

Rotary Club Central – A great planning tool…

The improved Rotary Club Central is here. It’s now faster, easier to navigate, and presents past and current data in a more accessible way.

Features include:
Inputting Rotary Foundation goals in local currency
Easy-to-read charts and graphs make it easy to set goals and plan for the future
Track service activities and volunteer hours
Plus, you can plan and track membership initiatives, service activities, and Foundation giving, as well as complete Rotary Citation goals.

Rotary Club Central is a great tool for succession planning. As leadership changes, having a historical record of goals and achievements can make the transition between leaders seamless.

If you need assistance navigating the new platform, go to the Rotary Learning Center and search for Rotary Club Central to access any of the several guides. Check out the Rotary Club Central today by following link Rotary Club Central

A win for Worthing Town Football – and a win-win-win for Rotary

Yet another example of a win-win-win… As a result of Highdown Rotary getting a Sports grant from from Rotary South D1145 , it was able to sponsor the Team Kit for Worthing Town Football team. This provided a win-win-win situation. A partnership with Rotary, a well turned out and happy football Team and an increased public awareness of Rotary in the community.

The Press release from The Worthing Herald as follows :- Highdown Rotary, are delighted to team up with Worthng Town Football Club by sponsoring one of their youngster’s teams this season.

From their beginnings in 1995 Worthing Town Football Club have gone from strength to strength and are now FA Charter Standard with over 500 members and around 90 volunteers.

The club provides football for male and female youth and adults and is proud to also have both men’s and ladies teams playing in Sussex County Leagues. As an inclusive club they also have two teams playing in the Sussex County Disability League. Training and home games take place at Palatine Park Worthing their HQ, situated in the centre of the area covered by Highdown Rotary.

Coaching and football skills are high, just like the enthusiasm that at every level and this theme impressed Highdown Rotary to sponsor them.

To find out more about please see Highdown Rotary

For more info on Worthing Town Football Club

Meeting the Global Scholars –

Tonight I am off to Brighton to meet this years 11 Rotary Foundation Global Scholars

The Rotary Foundation and clubs invest in our future leaders and philanthropists by funding scholarships for undergraduate and graduate study. Rotary offer two Scholarship programs

  1. Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate, or graduate study. Rotary club scholarships are given by individual clubs and are open to anyone except Rotary members and their families.
  2. The Rotary Foundation offers scholarships for college graduates and professionals to study peace and conflict resolution. Rotary peace fellowships are available to candidates who want to participate in a master’s degree or certificate program at one of our six partner universities. 

On average, £5.8 million in are given out by Rotary each year and around 350,000 scholarships have been awarded by Rotary

Rotary clubs can apply to The Rotary Foundation for district and global grants to support scholarships. Global grants are for graduate students studying abroad in one of Rotary’s six causes:

  1. Promoting peace
  2. Fighting disease
  3. Providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene
  4. Saving mothers and children
  5. Supporting education
  6. Growing local economies

Scholarships last from one to four years and can include an entire degree program. Global grant scholarships are funded using cash or District Designated Funds matched by the World Fund.

Rotary & Rotaract – When two become one …

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Staines Rotary, where there was a combined meeting of Rotarian’s and Rotaractors.

Royal Holloway Rotaract & Woking Rotaract joined Staines Rotarians for an evening of fellowship and joint working and to induct a total of six new members. A huge welcome to all the new members of the Rotary Family.

The evening shows that the merging of different ages and ideas work on many levels.  Thanks for the invite and well done to all.

Rotary Events – The Wasted Opportunity…

Over the weekend I attend a Rotary event that has been happening annually for over 30 years. A community event targeted at the Youth in the Community, it attracts an audience of nearly 200 with an age range of 14 to 70+ . So far so good.

But and its a big but, during the whole event that lasted two and a half hours with breaks ,Tea and Coffee, there was no mention of promotion of Rotary. No Pull ups, No banners, No mention of Interact, Rotaract or Rotary. what a wasted opportunity.

Please Please when you are planning and organising your events think of how you are going to promote Rotary. don’t fall into the trap of promoting the Rotary meeting.

Instead promote real Rotary, the Rotary the work that is completed within the community and around the World. This allows us to develop relationships that enable Rotary to Connect the World.