Welcome to Rotary South District 1145… Let your adventures begin…..

I would like to say thank you and congratulate the 34 new members who joined our Rotary family in July. You are now a member of one of 35,000 Clubs in over 200 countries, part of a worldwide team of more than 1.2 million unique individuals. A team that completes amazing work locally and across the globe, all dedicated to the ideal of “Service Above Self”

This work covers all our 6 areas of focus which are:

Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
Disease prevention and treatment.
Water and sanitation.
Maternal and child health.
Basic education and literacy.
Economic and community development.

I am sure over the coming years you will make many friends and inspire your club to great achievements fulfilling Rotary’s vision of

 “Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.”

Once again thank you for joining the team and best wishes. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Let your adventures begin…..

Alan Moss
District Governor 2019-20
Rotary South  (D1145)

Martello Rotary Connection…..

Martello Rotary Partners work with Southern to ‘Adopt a Station’, to help tailor the Station to the area it serves.

The Seaford Station Partnership will engage the community with the Station and provide a set of ‘Seaford Through The Ages’ murals and planting boxes and flower planting that will enhance the attractiveness of the Station to rail travelers and provide a bright and interesting ‘Welcome to Seaford’. It’s an opportunity for the Town to identify with the Station and enable it to be a colourful and interesting entry into the town”.

Work will start on the Station planters and planting in mid September and the eight murals painted by children in the town are a project for their autumn term.  I am sure the pupils from local schools will enjoy seeing their artwork on display.  

Andy Gardner, Station Manager stated “I’m delighted to welcome Rodney and his fellow members of the Rotary as station partners. One of the pleasures in this role is seeing bridges built between the railway and the communities that we serve. I am really

On a personal note I am looking forward to visiting in the spring the colourful improvements that are planned, and well done to all involved great example of “Rotary Connects the World”

Interact – Introducing young people to the power of volunteering.

Interact follows on from RotaKids in the Rotary family is a fun and lively organisation offering young people aged 12-18 amazing opportunities to broaden their horizons, make new friends and help the lives of others.Interact clubs are based in schools and colleges and require the support of teachers with support from a local Rotary club, ,

Every Interact club will carry out two service projects each year, one which benefits your local community and one which is international and can make a difference to people right across the world.but this is no ordinary club. Service projects are a great way for members to build skills such as communication and leadership, meet new people and develop an understanding for the world we all share.

Clubs are run by the members, so you get to take part in exciting, hands on projects around the topics and causes that matter to them. These projects will help connect with other young leaders and get your school or college excited about your club. Interact is also a great way to enhance your CV, which will be helpful when looking for jobs or seeking further education.

Each Interact club is supported by a local Rotary club, and they will be there every step of the way to provide help and guidance to make each person’s Interact experience as memorable as possible. You will be amazed what you can achieve.

Volunteer Expo has Landed!

Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland’s annual event is being transformed.
Rotary is launching Volunteer Expo; a new, national, public-facing event to get people volunteering!
With over 100 exhibitors, high profile speakers, interactive workshops and live on-site volunteering projects, Volunteer Expo will be the go-to event for people who want to Change Lives and Take Action.
The event will take place from 1st – 3rd May 2020 at the NEC, Birmingham and tickets are COMPLETELY FREE

Find out more and order your FREE tickets by visiting the Volunteer Expo website.

Rotary connecting for the Community……

Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Rotary in Brighton and Hove. where i met a number of Rotarians and Rotaractors, There are a number of Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in the City and they are all out and about, working hard in your community.

All the clubs work together to strengthen their impact in the city and raise awareness of the work they do. this has many benefits not only to the community but also to potential Rotarians and Rotaractors, these include flexible meeting times, format and cost but one thing in common you will have fun…..

The Clubs meet at different times and places across the city and have plenty to offer everyone. So if your in their vicinity I highly recommend looking out of interest to see what they get up to or would like to work with them on a community project they would love to hear to hear from you!

If you would follow the links you will find information on the clubs
Brighton and Hove Rotary Brighton and Hove Rotaract

Rotary never ceases to Surprise…

As I meet fellow Rotarian’s around our district and from further afield Rotary never ceases to Surprise. Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Stains Rotary.

The meeting was a relaxed and friendly affair and we were joined by with members from the Egham Rotary who jointly sponsor the Royal Holloway Rotaract Club. I look forward to visiting them on their return from Summer Break.

So, what were the surprises

  1. When I arrived I was greeted by members from the Club so far just like any other Rotary club in the district. then the pleasant surprise the next Rotarian that arrived had brought their daughter a young lady called Elana joined us nothing unusual about that you say except she was 19 months old. Up to last night it had only ever happened at my rotary events at Highdown.

    Allowing children to the meeting provide many benefits which far out way any disadvantages the benefits include the following
    a. Lowers the barrier to joining – Family friendly you don’t need a babysitter
    b . Raises the Profile of the Club
    c . Removes the Rotary stereotypes that the general public have.
  2. Staines Rotary supported a young man called Will in his goals of becoming a Doctor. This involved him visiting Ghana were he supported local medical personnel in supporting the local community.

    While in Ghana, Will cleaned and dressed wounds, and supported Leprosy patients where cuts and burns are common due to the loss of feeling and sensation in their limbs (one of the effects of the disease). He is a very focused individual and i am sure he will serve the Communities wherever he works.

    We discussed Rotaract, and all the benefits, and we hope that he looks at joining or starting a Rotaract Club at whichever University he decides on.
  3. The final surprises was the gift Will brought back from the Rotary Club of Cape Coast Central in District 9102, which he visited, it was a Rotary Song Book (The Club sings a song at the start of meeting. and the songs in the book included Happy Birthday, Old MacDonald had a Farm, plus many of our well known verses.

RotaKids What are they…

RotaKids are the youngest members of the Rotary Family aged between 7-12 their aim being to make friends and get involved with important activities in the community, all while having a great time in the process.

RotaKids clubs are based in schools, youth groups or community centres and with the help and support from teachers, youth leaders and the local Rotary.

Children gain a valuable experience in helping others and learning interesting, new things.It also brings an exciting and practical approach to supporting the citizenship element of the national curriculum.

By doing so, children enjoy a boost to their confidence and self-esteem at a key age and develop and understanding of how their actions can impact on others.

So what do Rotakids do…. Well the great thing is that children can come up with ideas and see them become a reality. The groups can do just about anything which springs to mind to help others.

It shows children that by working together, there is so much you can achieve. Examples of RotaKids activities include:

  • Filling shoeboxes with toys for underprivileged children around the world as part of the Rotary Shoebox Scheme
  • Raising money for charities in your area with a sponsored bike ride, non-uniform day, cake sale or school fun days
  • Supporting the environment by setting a nature project in the school playground or local community
  • Collecting books for children in countries around the world

There are over 200 RotaKids clubs across Great Britain and Ireland, all making a difference to the lives of children in their communities. Its also the stepping Stone to Interact

Dragon Boat Sunday….

We had a fantastic afternoon at the Kingston Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge, which took place on the River Thames alongside Canbury Gardens in Kingston upon Thames

There were hundreds of competitors all battling it out on the river, all determined to makes it into the eight boat final for the Challenge Cup. There was a Men’s , Women’s and mixed competition, plus the best fancy dressed crew.

The grandchildren had a great time watching and cheering on the Boats, having an ice cream and looking around the Market stalls, sideshows and play areas.

A great example to a fantastic Rotary day, it not only raises money great for great causes and needs in the community, (last year raised over £60,000  for various charities) it also a great way of raising the profile of Kingston Rotary

Well done and thank you to all involved and thank you for making me and the family so welcome, I hope you all managed to put your feet up when you finally went home .

Be the inspiration … giving Hugo the push he needed

Hugo, from the Vicar of Dibley fame, has a famous taste for loud ties, ( and trousers) he is desperately in Love with Alice Tinker but needed inspiration to give him the confidence ask her to marry him .

Just when you think he going to bottle it up steps the Rotary Theme tie from 2018-19 (Barry Rassin) to allow him to “Be the Inspiration”