Rotary – Why do some Rotarians complicate things lets, keep it simple…

It may be me? but i just dont get it. The Rotary motto is ‘Service above Self’ So why do we struggle? As Rotarians we meet and talk to thousands of potential Rotarians every day.

We understand that our six areas of focus are relevant and hit the mark with the public. I doubt that there is a day without the news covering them in one way or another. We also know the reason why people struggle with Rotary, meeting time, cost or it not being work or family friendly.

I meet Rotarians who say I like my lunchtime meeting or I like my meal or I like the Speaker every week. I understand this, I am not saying they have to give that up, Rotary is different for all members. If they like their format thats great, but and its a big BUT we have to offer an alternative so everyone can be involved.

This alternative may be a coffee morning, and online meeting using Skype or Zoom. It could be a meeting in a local Supermarket, we could even go back to basics and Rotate around houses. the options are endless.

The one thing is for sure we have to do someting to ensure we include those who cant meet when we do. So put your thinking hats on create a rota and try someting new.