Inspiring the next generation.

Rotary South D1145 is committed is to offering young people opportunities to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons.

Our programmes include cover a wide rand g of ages:

RotaKids – It is never too young to start making a difference in the community, and RotaKids gives those aged 7-12 the chance to do just that.

Interact– Interact offers an introduction for young people aged 12-18 to discover the power of volunteering and social action.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards– This leadership programme gives young people hands-on challenges, exposing them to leadership scenarios and team building.

Watch this space as I go into more details on the individual Programmes

Rotary’s Monthly Theme’s…. A great Opportunity.

Whether it be in interest meeting in August, or a beach clean in March, these monthly themes provide a great opportunity to raise the profile of your Club and Rotary.

By developing meeting agendas, projects, or public image campaigns based on these special occasions and inviting your you community, you will be playing your part in “Rotary Connects the World”.

August 2019            Membership and New Club Development Month
September 2019  Basic Education and Literacy Month
October 2019         Economic and Community Development Month
November 2019    Rotary Foundation Month
December 2019   Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
January 2020         Vocational Service Month
February 2020       Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution Month
March 2020            Water and Sanitation Month
April 2020                Maternal and Child Health Month
May 2020                 Youth Service Month
June 2020                 Rotary Fellowships Month

Don’t forget to let me know what you have planned and how it went,
remember sharing is caring…

Sharing is Caring

We need your help to increase knowledge sharing within our district at all levels, Club to Club, District to Club and Club to District.

In my district travels I see fantastic ideas being delivered by Rotarian’s. If we can transfer these ideas around the district,not only will it enable cubs to increase there Public image within there communities, but will save time as we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So the aim is we collect the great ideas and best practices from around our district into the Initiative Library.  Ideas will be collated into easy to implement action plans so clubs can start great ideas (without having to reinvent the wheel) remember sharing is caring.

All we are asking is for you to look at your Clubs ideas and fill out a simple template covering the following areas: – Project name, Areas of interest, Overview, What you did – step by step guide, Some frequently asked question. and a Summary

We will give regular update on the Library showing new and updated entries which you will be able to access 24 hrs a day. So please take some time and think how you can help Rotarian’s in our District to grow Rotary and connect the world.

D1145 Showcase….. Don’t miss it…….

Offering a blend of traditional and modern, based at the Riviera Conference Centre Torquay. The opportunities are endless so join us for a weekend of: Fellowship, Entertainment, Motivation, Engagement, Education. And most of all FUN!

Motivational speakers include: –
Gloria Barnett, Marine Biologist. talking about the wonders of the Oceans, has also addressed several Rotary Conferences. She will be talking about the challenges the oceans are facing because of climate change. 

Lydia Slack. The daughter of a Derbyshire hill farmer she gives a very amusing slant on growing up in that environment.  Currently doing post graduate studies at Oxford.

Helen Rees, probably better known as Helen Young, BBC TV weather presenter and ultimately Head of this service. about climate change and global warming.

Aldo Crisci, Founder of the Clink Charity, a novel approach to prisoner rehabilitation.  The Clink has several restaurants open to the public which are inside the prison and run by the prisoners. They encourage prisoners to take NVQ’s and then help them find jobs on their release. Their success is evident by the low rate of reoffending post release.

Plus, Simon Weston in his honorary role as president of Debra Simon takes the opportunity to convey his story to inspire, motivate and encourage those, who like him, want to move on to the next goal. Whatever it may be! Simon believes that only obstacles created by yourself will limit you reaching your desired targets and successes in life.

The Showcase Exhibition Highlighting the work we do on a local, national and international level, and will offer ideas that promote opportunities to engage with the public potential Rotarian’s and volunteers.  Exhibitors include: –

Child Aid Lanka,
Children in Need,
Conference 2020,
District Youth,
Global Sight Solutions
International Fellowships,
Kids Out,
Purple Community Fund,
Shelter box,
Marine Biology,
Trade Aid
Zanzibar Schools Project,
Eva Rose Trust,
A W Matthews Ltd,
Water Aid,
Excellent Development,
Rotary Shoebox Scheme,
Days for Girls,
The Medaille Trust,
The Children’s Society,

Saturday evening allows us time with our Rotary family to build on friendships new and old.  After Dinner entertainment will be provided by Mike Osmond, impressionist and entertainer. followed by music and dancing with John Brewer Sound Disco. We will also be joined by fellow Rotarians from District 1175.

So why not take Can this opportunity to book your place at this year’s D1145 Showcase

1145 Learning & Development

Attended the first learning and development meeting of the year.

Looking at ways to engage new Rotarian’s, we are planning a number New Member Events around the District. Covering topics like the History of Rotary, What its aims are, The Rotary Foundation our Charity. Also looking at Rotary fellowships and much much more.

We are organising another “Think Differently Event” for Rotarian’s that missed the first one plus a followup for the original attendees to see what the Outcome.

We started the planning for Nicks year 2020-21, we covered the framework for next years President Elects, District Officers, and District Assembly.

As you can see Rotary wait for know one. Together we Educate ……….

Crowdfunding 2019 – Don’t miss out!

Trying to raise funds for a project? Why not increase your donation network?

Crowdfunding is a means of getting donations for your project via the web from donors literally across the World. A specific project with specific timelines and goals. An on-line event for example selling tickets for a coffee morning.

Typically, the average project donation target is £15,000 but an individual project target can start from as little as £4,000.

Because of the success of Rotary Clubs who have already taken advantage of this relatively new way of raising funds to support their projects, Rotary has agreed a special start up initiative with the largest global Crowdfunding community for non-profits, Global Giving, a registered charity who have already helped to raise more than $345m from 814,095 Donors for 20,611 projects across 170 Countries.

Global Giving have agreed to allow Rotary to use their existing successful portal, training and support at a reduced cost of 8% which is deducted from donations received. GlobalGiving will also collect any Gift Aid on behalf of the project.

Crowdfunding is a way to go beyond our usual team of fundraisers and receive donations from individuals and Corporates Worldwide. One UK Rotary project has already received over $1,500 from American donors, who, receive tax benefits by donating through the Global Giving platform.

Membership opportunities – Advertising our projects on the web is also a great way to promote our work and of course, people supporting our projects are likely to make good Rotarians themselves.

Want to know more? Access live examples of current projects set up by Rotary Clubs via our landing page with Global Giving:

or drop me an email at

Don’t Panic No pressure

Ok as we say in Rotary, Family first , Work second, Rotary third. Well this is one of those occasions technical rehearsal for the Stage-Door production of Vicar of Dibley.

Chris back stage and me well meet Frank Pickle…… Go live Wed

Wish me luck.

Music in the Park.

Good Music, Good Company,Good Cause what more could you ask for….. Wow , What a great evening and an example of what Rotarians can achieve when they put their heads together and come up with a plan.

This will be the 10th Music in the Park (originally called ‘Picnic to Music in the Park’), since Farnborough Rotary Club started organising these events back in 2001.
 What a great evening and an example of what Rotarian’s can achieve when they put their heads together and come up with a plan.

Over the years, more than £468,000 has been donated to Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care in Farnham, due to some fabulous sponsors and the money from tickets.

Great job . Well done to all those involved. 

Well Done Peter


I had very much pleasure in presenting you with the RIBI People of Action Polio Eradication Award” at Thursdays district council. District 1145 acknowledge your untiring efforts as District End Polio Now champion.

You were instrumental in getting signatures for the RI petition to United Nations, you have made presentations to clubs and been involved in the development of EPN Champions.

Please accept personal congratulations and once again well done

Why should I join Rotary?

I often get asked why should I join Rotary?……..

My response is..  I think the question should be…  Why Wouldn’t you join……

What other organisations offers you the ability to have fun, friendship, entertainment and personal development, while at the same time providing you with the opportunities to improve the quality of life of individuals and the communities they live in, both locally and overseas Thus, leading change and creating a better world for the generations to come. Why wouldn’t you join?

All with the bonus that it costs less than a cup of coffee a week.