Rotarians think of the Positives…

As life returns to whatever normal becomes normal, we need to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running and are in the best place to support our communities.

So why not start planning your post covid-19 strategy.

Fundraising this year may be down, but the opportunities to work on projects within the community. whether small or large the ideas are endless. Ranging from cutting a neighbour’s lawn, to revamping a village hall.

We need to engage with the volunteers and their community to build on goodwill and continue making a difference.

So far we think of the negatives of the Lockdown like not seeing family , not able to work, to name a few, but there have been positives. Less traffic on the roads, we are all taking more exercise, Neighbours that now know and support each other.

So start planningh listing the positives, continue the good work and to keep safe.

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