Keep in Touch and stay safe – But keep the communication going…

The situation concerning COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to impact our day to day life and it is great to see Rotarians adapting.

Within the district we now have over 70 clubs meeting using Zoom, Messenger or Telephone. The use of technology allows us to mix things up and try new ideas. So why not complete virtual raids on fellow clubs both within the District or overseas allowing us to share new ideas and make new friends.

While we are on lockdown, many Clubs around the District are involved in supporting the community in many ways’ projects include supporting Food Banks, making PPE and Scrub Bags to name a few. Can I encourage us all to remain open and flexible. Rotary has changed and I cannot imagine it will go back to how it was, so let’s take the opportunity to think about where we want our clubs to be and how we can encourage the many volunteers that have come out into the open to join Rotary.

As life returns to whatever normal becomes normal, we need to ensure we are ready to hit the ground running and are in the best place to support our communities.
For the time being let us keep up the good work and keep safe.


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