Rotarians – Stop missing those opportunities….

Rotarians around the Districts constantly moan that it is difficult to find new members. This is no surprise when we are missing easy opportunities that stare us all in the face.

Over the last couple of months I have attended many youth events, such as Young Chef, Youth Speaks – the Debate, to name a few, and what i find is Rotarians are missing opportunities time- and time again.

At these events I speak to the contestants, their families and Teachers. They all praise the events and say how it help the individual’s self esteem confidence and help the grow and what a great job Rotary is doing..

But when ask them do they know about the Rotary Family, they say what family? They have no idea about RotaKids, Interact ot Rotaract. When we invite these individuals to take part we should have a plan on how we bring them into the family. not only the Youth but the Parents and Teachers.

So come on wake up to these opportunities. and plan below is some ideas that you could use.

  1. Service projects in conjunction with schools around our areas of Focus.
  2. Interact club at School working within Syllabus so no extra work for School.
  3. Mentoring for the Schools, Interview practice, helping with Reading, Maths etc
  4. Work with Parents Teacher Association on joint
  5. Open evening for the Teacher and Parents (not a normal Club Meeting).

Finally for next years competition and RYLA think Win-Win. when you sign them up include Community service Hours. That way the see Rotary in Action.

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