Rotary Priority 3 – Enhance Participant Engagement- If you dont ask you dont get…

As People of Action we strive to understand the needs of others. Just like the people and communities we serve, our participants need to feel seen and heard. They’re seeking experiences that feel personally and professionally relevant and fulfilling.

People are not mid readers they dont know what we want so if we dont ask we dont get. But when we do ask we see results they see our dedication to investing in them at every stage of their professional life.

This engages with them and they are eager to participants are eager to go the distance with us—even at a time when there are many other options for networking and volunteering.

Let’s recommit to putting the needs, expectations, and growth of our participants at the center of all we do. As Rotarians why dont we set a goal of talking to 5 people week about Rotary. I am sure you will be pleased if you do.

So lets talk and Let Rotary Connect the World…..

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