Rotary Priority 1 – Increase Our Impact… Talk to your Community

Rotarians are People of Action and are effective problem-solvers.
As Rotarians we achieve so much? How do we do it ? Well We invest in relationships.
We make decisions grounded in evidence. We know how to mobilise our networks to create solutions that last.

We’re always learning from our experiences in projects, clubs, and careers. Throughout the fight to end polio, we’ve shown what we can do and how to draw on our collective strengths. We’ve created solutions that match the people we serve.
We’ve evaluated the results to learn from our successes and setbacks.

This is a model we will use again and again in pursuit of our audacious goals: educating the world’s children, ensuring equitable access to water and sanitation, helping local economies grow sustainably, and so much more.

Let’s seek out new ways to translate our expertise into making a difference—in our communities and across the globe.

Let’s prove that our impact on the world has only just begun. So go out and talk to your Community find out what it needs. Once known then engage the community to get things done.

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