Rotary Expansion – Its a mindset issue…

Whatever the Organisation or Club, there is always a time when you come to a point where your membership outgrows the capacity of the venue.

So when we hit that barrier, we have to make a decision. Option 1- Stay as we are, maintain membership, if someone leaves allow someone to join. Option 2- Look at the changes needed to allow us to expand, be more inclusive to the community.

Both have pros and cons:

Option 1- Stay as we are, as it is easy to continue as we do now, nothing changes. The downside of this is its excludes potential members who want to be part of the organisation, who bring fresh ideas and help to raise the profile of the organisiation.

Option 2- This causes more work as we have to think outside our norm, but it provides so much more, it allows us to connect with the community become open and flexible rather than isolated and stale.

So short term pain provides the opportunity of long term gain. in tems of greater public image , more support for events and projects, and a more dynamic organisation. Are you ready for expansion?

On a personal note I would always pick Option 2, so why not take up the challenge and allow Rotary to connect the World …

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