Happy Birthday to the United Nations – A great example of Rotary Connects the World

Today’s the day, 74 years ago, when the first meeting of the United Nations’ General Assembly was held – and Rotary was at the heart of it. For on January 10th, 1946, 51 nations gathered in London for this historic gathering, which was organised by members of the Rotary in London.

Between 1914 and 1945, countries from across the globe had suffered from two World Wars, which had devastating effects to everyone. It was clear something needed to change to promote peace. Rotary began promoting the importance of forming a ‘central world organization’ at the height of the Second World War during 1943. With an international reach, Rotary was able to promote this idea and initiative globally.

Rotary’s message was heard, and by 1945 the first conference which formed the United Nations was held in San Francisco.

Today Rotary is still involved with the UN through the Rotary Representative Network of the United Nations.The Rotary Representatives provide an extraordinary amount of outreach, ensuring the Rotary has a voice in the international community, thereby strengthening Rotary’s reputation and effectiveness.

Long may it continue…

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