Volunteer Expo has Landed – Something for Everyone…

Volunteer Expo has landed and provides something for everyone

For Rotarian’s this event is an opportunity to change the perception of Rotary through an exciting, modern event. Allowing us to reinforce Rotary’s position as a leading membership and humanitarian service organisation in the charity sector.

For non Rotarian’s it provides opportunity to network with peers, to learn more about volunteering and how to turn ideas and enthusiasm into change. A chance to develop personal skills, build relationships and discover the power of volunteering.
For Exhibitors it provide a platform for exhibitors to educate, connect with volunteers, other charities and volunteer sector organisations. An opportunity to boost volunteer recruitment potential.

For the Charity / Volunteer Sector it provide the opportunity to be a catalyst of social action to harness the power of volunteers and showcase their importance to society as a whole.

So why not secure your FREE tickets now at www.volunteerexpo.co.uk/visit

Please Share this event within your fellow Rotarian’s and the community and spread the word!.

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