A Happy Rotarian is our Aim -10 Ideas to keep Rotarian’s Happy…

As a member of any organisation we all like to be valued, if we don’t feel valued we gradually drift away and leave.

As Rotarian’s we definitely don’t want that to happen. So how can we make sure this doesn’t happen. I believe it’s all down to engagement. If we engage and Connect with them we build a relationship which leads to Action.

Below are 10 ideas to help us connect and maintain that relationship

  1. I know it sounds simple but talk to them on a regular basis
  2. Assign a mentor if possible two.
  3. Don’t assume they know everything about Rotary
  4. Ask them what they enjoy the most about Rotary
  5. Ask what they want to get from being a Rotarian, We all join for different reasons
  6. Ask them what areas do they think could be improved, what would they change.
  7. Ask for ideas around Projects they could complete with Rotarian’s or Community.
  8. Bring them to District Meeting
  9. Send them to the District New Members Seminar
  10. Remember Rotary should be Fun not a chore
  11. Maintain flexibility remember Family first, Work second then Rotary
  12. Say “Thank You” I know its only two words but they have massive meaning

Engagement = Relationship + Action which leads to Service