Rotary Evolution or Revolution – Why not Both….

I talk to many Rotarian’s, their normal response is we are open to change but we believe in evolution not revolution… My response is why not do both.

This allows Rotarian’s to evolve by reflecting their needs, they may change meeting style, the number of meetings, the venue, maybe the time. but in most cases Rotarian like it as it is and want to continue in their current format.

On the flip side we have potential Rotarian’s who like what we stand for and want to be involved, but find that Rotary doesn’t quiet fit into there lifestyle. This can be for various reasons, flexibility, cost, style of meeting, venue, family or work commitments.

The simple answer is to evolve the existing meeting while setting up a revolutionary new meeting for the potential Rotarian’s that fits into their life. This may include e-meetings, meetings at different times weekends rotating between weekdays and weekends the options are endless.

Evolution and Revolution provide the Win-Win that provides Rotary for All with the added benefits that we can achieve more in our Communities.

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