My Rotary – An Underutilised Resource…

As Rotarian’ we have access to resources which enable us to grow as an individual while making it easier to grow Rotary. These knowledge bases can be ordered in various ways which include –

Learn by role
Learn about Rotary club and district roles, as well as their impact on your community. Find resources and tools that support members in these roles. Roles include New member, Trainer, Club roles, President, Treasurer, Secretary

Learn by topic
Learn about Rotary club activities that support strategic goals. Find best practices and resources to ensure your club succeeds. Areas covered include Membership, Fundraising, Projects, Grants, Start a club, Awards, Public relations, Rotaract, Interact

Learning Centre
The learning center, is a wealth of training materials designed to help you learn new skills and become more successful in what you do.

All you need is a my Rotary account which will take you 5 minutes to create. To access My rotary follow link My Rotary

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