WOW – Its funny what you find when Filing…

I was sitting at work this morning, doing some filing on the laptop. I came a cross a presentation I completed in 2012 around the future of a Rotary Club.

Looking back at them, It appears that for some Rotarians they are just as relevant now as they were back in 2012.

It also proves I have always been a challenge, and always looked at ways of pushing boundaries .

In the case of what was Worthing Steyne Rotary now renamed Highdown Rotary we implementd a version of option 3. The result being, change of venue, meeting type and style. As a result membership since July 2018 has grown from 5 to 26 and we have added to the four way test number 5 HAVE FUN

Food For thought… Let Keep the Light on and Grow Rotary.