An afternoon at their Cloth Bank…

Monday afternoon I spent time with Rotarians from Chichester Harbour at the Cloth Bank Community Project.

Families located within the area covered by Chichester District Council, are referred to them by a professional. Many families have nothing not even a bed. They work quickly to help and most families are sorted in 3 days but not longer than a week.

As well as goods they help in practical ways e.g. clearing a garden so that a disabled girl can use it, decorating a home where Dad was dying and there were 6 children and Mum had disabilities.

Once a week, they go to the local Food Bank providing clothes, shoes, bedding, towels, toys etc. This really helps those in need and I saw first hand the difference they are making The project is funded in many ways, a craft group who make items for sale, particularly for Christmas. fundraising events. grant funding and have received funds from Co Op, Tesco, Rotary matched funding, Affinity Sutton and recently the police.

Chichester Harbour main aims for the future are to extend our work with other groups so that we can help more in need in our community. Tell as many people as we can about the work Rotary does. Encourage other Rotary clubs to do something similar within their community. We started in a small way and have grown, maybe you could to? Definitely something for the initiative library….

On a personal note, can I say thank you for the invite and well done a great example of Service above Self and a humbling experience for me..

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