Bandey-Hefler Fellowship Exchange- Long may it continue…

Last night Chris & I had the pleasure of attending the Bandey-Hefler Farewell Dinner, where I had the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow Rotarian’s from District 7910, 1100 & 1145.

Bandey-Hefler is a fortnight friendship exchange between Rotarian’s in the suburbs of Boston and London.  Since 1977, approximately 20 couples have been traveling across the Atlantic from England to the U.S. followed by 20 couples the following year going from the U.S. to England.

  • Rotarian’s Host Rotarian’s
  • Show visitors your favorite places in the areas we cover
  • Visits to local Rotary Clubs
  • Make friendships that will last for life

Chrissie thank you for the invite and the opportunity to speak.
it was clear to everyone that a great time was had by all ….long may it continue