Supporting the hurricane-devastated Bahamas…

Miles of debris from houses smashed apart by Hurricane Dorian currently stretch across the Bahamas, after the deadly storm left behind a paradise obliterated. Now Rotary leaders are calling for Rotarians to help with relief efforts.

Former Rotary International President Barry Rassin has called for Rotarians to help provide financial aid to the hurricane-devastated Bahamas, where at least seven people have been killed – and with the death toll expected to rise.

With sustained windspeeds over 160 mph and gusts of more than 220 mph, the category 5 Hurricane Dorian hovered over Grand Bahama for more than 30 hours, after causing catastrophic destruction in the neighbouring island of Abaco.

Hurricane Dorian is the strongest hurricane ever to hit the Bahamas and is the joint strongest to ever hit strike land in the Atlantic.

According to the International Red Cross, 45% of homes on Grand Bahama and the Abaco have been severely damaged and destroyed – roughly 13,000 properties.

The United Nations has predicted that 60,000 people will need food and clean water.

For how we can support Rotary Disaster Alert

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