Corporate Member a Win-Win

Do you know a local professional who wants to be part of Rotary, but is worried about having enough time? Do you want to establish a connection or partnership with an area business or corporation? If the answer is yes, corporate memberships might be an option.

A corporate membership allows Rotary clubs to involve a corporation — or any business, nonprofit, or government entity — in Rotary by offering an alternative membership package to some of its employees. Having corporate members increases the club’s membership while expanding its network and visibility in the community. Members gain access to the fellowship and service opportunities of Rotary with the possibility of a much smaller time commitment.

Offering this membership type may provide advantages for both clubs and the local corporations or businesses involved. Here are some benefits of corporate membership:

Attracts new members who might otherwise be unable or reluctant to join
Boosts your club’s profile
Broadens club’s skills and expertise,
Expanding Rotary’s potential for doing good,
Brings in new ideas to keep current members engaged
Creates new partnerships in the community
Increases the resources and capacity for service,

Shares the the time commitment of any one member by allowing employees to attend by attracting new corporate leaders
Raises their corporation’s image in the community
Part of the corporate social responsibility policy
Employees can develop and apply leadership and professional skills.
Emphasises a commitment to serving others as part of the corporate culture.

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