7th-13th October is the Time to Reconnect…


7th-13th October is Rotary Reconnect Week! During this celebration, Rotary invites former Rotaractors, Interactors, Rotary Peace Fellows, Rotary Scholars, Youth Exchange students, and other Rotary program attendees to renew their connection to Rotary.

Past program participants who have lost their active connection to Rotary can refresh their ties by visiting club meetings, helping with projects, and engaging online. By doing so, they can experience again how Rotary reshapes lives locally and globally.

So how can we re-engage

  • Invite past Youth competition and RYLA attendees, to a social event.
  • Organise a project during Reconnect Week or during October.
  • Don’t forget to invite their family the more the merrier
  • Ask them to visit club and talk about their life experience since last attending

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