Avoiding the Cliff Edge

Ever since I joined Rotary, the age profile of Rotary has been a worry. If we look at the basic figures we are doing well, we are increasing the numbers within the Rotary Family. But and its a Big BUT……… We need to do more, and sooner rather than later in fact starting NOW.

Why you ask… Well if we look at the life expectancy statistics for the UK from the Office of National Statistics for the period 2015-2017( latest figure next due Sept 19) Life expectancy is 79.2 Male 82.9 Female . Rotary South D1145 current average age is 71.1 which is just under 3 years younger than the RIBI average.

But here is the sting in the tail 64.7 % are 75 or over and if we look at everyone over retirement age its 85.3%. So how do we avoid the cliff edge?

So what can we do….. With all the support available from the District and RIBI it has never been easier to start new Clubs.

So firstly lets look at increasing the number of RotaKids, Interactors and Rotaractors and alternate club meetings within the district. with the aim of lowering the barriers to potential Rotarians while creating a pipeline of unique individuals.

So why not see if there are a small group within your club willing to look into the following

  1. Starting and alternate meeting time suitable for the potential Rotarian that cannot make current meeting type of style.
  2. Contact local Schools and look at supporting them, with the aim of starting a RotaKids or Interact Club
  3. Contact the individuals that you have sent to Rotary Youth Leadership Awards or entered into the youth Competition or have supported in the past and ask them to help start a Rotaract Club.

Dont forget to keep them involved with your activities and listen to their ideas.
Remember we are a Rotary Family

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