1145 Showcase speaker- Aldo Crisci founder of Clink receives recognition

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said “the Clink’s “unique opportunity to work in a professional restaurant” reduces the chance of re-offending. Aldo Crisci,

The Clink has several restaurants open to the public which are inside the prison and run by the prisoners. They encourage prisoners to take NVQ’s and then help them find jobs on their release.

The Clink project works with offenders before and after release and organises the transition into jobs, in a catering industry that faces a shortage of skilled staff. A high-quality restaurant in prison, where inmates can learn valuable skills in cooking and hospitality, is making a “significant” difference in cutting re-offending rates, say researchers.

Aldo Crisci, founder of the Clink Charity, a novel approach to prisoner rehabilitation. Success is evident by the low rate of re-offending post release.

We are fortunate to have Aldo Crisci as a speaker at our the 1145 showcase.

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