Rotary never ceases to Surprise…

As I meet fellow Rotarian’s around our district and from further afield Rotary never ceases to Surprise. Last night I had the pleasure of visiting Stains Rotary.

The meeting was a relaxed and friendly affair and we were joined by with members from the Egham Rotary who jointly sponsor the Royal Holloway Rotaract Club. I look forward to visiting them on their return from Summer Break.

So, what were the surprises

  1. When I arrived I was greeted by members from the Club so far just like any other Rotary club in the district. then the pleasant surprise the next Rotarian that arrived had brought their daughter a young lady called Elana joined us nothing unusual about that you say except she was 19 months old. Up to last night it had only ever happened at my rotary events at Highdown.

    Allowing children to the meeting provide many benefits which far out way any disadvantages the benefits include the following
    a. Lowers the barrier to joining – Family friendly you don’t need a babysitter
    b . Raises the Profile of the Club
    c . Removes the Rotary stereotypes that the general public have.
  2. Staines Rotary supported a young man called Will in his goals of becoming a Doctor. This involved him visiting Ghana were he supported local medical personnel in supporting the local community.

    While in Ghana, Will cleaned and dressed wounds, and supported Leprosy patients where cuts and burns are common due to the loss of feeling and sensation in their limbs (one of the effects of the disease). He is a very focused individual and i am sure he will serve the Communities wherever he works.

    We discussed Rotaract, and all the benefits, and we hope that he looks at joining or starting a Rotaract Club at whichever University he decides on.
  3. The final surprises was the gift Will brought back from the Rotary Club of Cape Coast Central in District 9102, which he visited, it was a Rotary Song Book (The Club sings a song at the start of meeting. and the songs in the book included Happy Birthday, Old MacDonald had a Farm, plus many of our well known verses.