Sharing is Caring

We need your help to increase knowledge sharing within our district at all levels, Club to Club, District to Club and Club to District.

In my district travels I see fantastic ideas being delivered by Rotarian’s. If we can transfer these ideas around the district,not only will it enable cubs to increase there Public image within there communities, but will save time as we don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

So the aim is we collect the great ideas and best practices from around our district into the Initiative Library.  Ideas will be collated into easy to implement action plans so clubs can start great ideas (without having to reinvent the wheel) remember sharing is caring.

All we are asking is for you to look at your Clubs ideas and fill out a simple template covering the following areas: – Project name, Areas of interest, Overview, What you did – step by step guide, Some frequently asked question. and a Summary

We will give regular update on the Library showing new and updated entries which you will be able to access 24 hrs a day. So please take some time and think how you can help Rotarian’s in our District to grow Rotary and connect the world.