Rotary South Christmas Collections – A great result Well Done to All…

Can i say a massive thank you to all th Rotarians and Rotary supporters in Rotary South for all the hard work with Christmas collections

The Rotarians of Rotary South collected a magnificent total of £399,000 this year. So a brilliant result, despite the terrible weather. A result that you all can be very proud of. This will allow to support great projects and causes within communities both local and overseas

Once again Thanks you .

Supporting Education -Teaching and learning are powerful drivers to enable better futures…

We believe education is a right, regardless of where you live or how old you are. Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, and those skills ripple through communities and change people’s lives. Worldwide, 250 million children don’t have basic reading or maths skills.

Rotary projects and activities help to give children access to an education for the very first time. We build schools, we supply books and computers for classrooms and we train teachers. Our work is not just about children. Major problems exist in all age groups, with 17% of the world’s adult population being illiterate. That is 775 million people.

We are dedicated to inspiring and facilitating learning at all ages. with your help Rotary, you can educate and uplift students from across the globe, reduce gender disparity in education and inspire the next generation.

As well as our impact overseas, Rotary leaves a lasting legacy on the lives of young people in Great Britain and Ireland. It is one of our leading commitments to offer young people the platform to unlock their potential, develop their skills and broaden their horizons through education and learning.

Our Youth Competitions, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and Rotary Technology Tournaments are a challenging and enjoyable way for young people to enrich their Knowledge and broaden there horizons.

As a member of Highdown Rotary we have a great time attending local school working with Year 6 students on their Maths and Litracy ( this also keeps our skill set up to date)

Find out more about our programmes for young people

Happy Birthday to the United Nations – A great example of Rotary Connects the World

Today’s the day, 74 years ago, when the first meeting of the United Nations’ General Assembly was held – and Rotary was at the heart of it. For on January 10th, 1946, 51 nations gathered in London for this historic gathering, which was organised by members of the Rotary in London.

Between 1914 and 1945, countries from across the globe had suffered from two World Wars, which had devastating effects to everyone. It was clear something needed to change to promote peace. Rotary began promoting the importance of forming a ‘central world organization’ at the height of the Second World War during 1943. With an international reach, Rotary was able to promote this idea and initiative globally.

Rotary’s message was heard, and by 1945 the first conference which formed the United Nations was held in San Francisco.

Today Rotary is still involved with the UN through the Rotary Representative Network of the United Nations.The Rotary Representatives provide an extraordinary amount of outreach, ensuring the Rotary has a voice in the international community, thereby strengthening Rotary’s reputation and effectiveness.

Long may it continue…

Supporting Education & Young People – 10 Ideas for Rotarian’s…

As Rotarian’s we support Young People of all ages with their education. This support comes in many guises. Below are 10 easy to implement ideas that support the young people of the community, while raising the profile of Rotary and increase membership.

  1. Working with Schools supporting Reading in classes
  2. Working with Schools with Literacy in Classes
  3. Working with School with Maths in Classes
  4. Providing equipment like books including dictionary’s
  5. Opening a RotaKid Club within the School
  6. Opening an Interact club within the School
  7. Project such a Environmental Greenhouse for the Garden
  8. End Polio Now Projects including Crocus or Purple Pinky
  9. Running Mock Interviews for Students
  10. Running the Rotary Youth Competitions in your area .

Rotary National Bush fires Appeal…

Although we moan about the weather, We don’t tend to get the Extreme weather conditions that effect other countries around the world.

The Bush fires in Australia are unprecedented, Past Rotary International World President Ian Risely reaches out to our Rotary friends around the world. It helps enormously to know that you are thinking of us. Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) has a fund supporting bush fire recovery through which you can donate from outside Australia.

We have now received the below email from a District Officer in Australia, with a way that Rotarian’s and non Rotarian’s can donate to immediately support the ongoing efforts in Australia .

The page is: Rotary National Bushfires Appeal (RARF)

Thank you for any support given

Promoting Peace – Victory in Europe Day…

When Victory in Europe Day dawns on May 8th, it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. To mark the occasion, events will be held across Great Britain.

VE Day, or Victory in Europe Day, marks the day towards the end of World War Two when fighting against Nazi Germany came to an end in Europe. The holiday will form part of a three-day weekend of commemorative events.

“The 75th anniversary of VE Day will provide our nation and our friends around the world with an opportunity to reflect on the enormous sacrifice, courage and determination of people from all walks of life,”

This is an opportunity for our Rotary clubs to take part, organise events and pay tribute to those who gave so much to ensure we all enjoy the freedom we have toda

A list of activities planned for the May Bank Holiday weekend can be found on the VE Day 75 website and it is hoped many Rotary clubs will take the opportunity to get involved. All clubs registering events on the VE Day 75 website will be able to download a specially designed certificate.

VE Day 75 website